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We provide superior quality, professional IT services. Always. This is confirmed by firsthand experience of our clients. Our services are offered both to organisations that do not have in-house resources with suitable competence, and to those that require support from their in-house teams for IT-related processes. We have a trusted team of engineers with proven experience of providing services to our clients. Our offering includes:

Audit - all IT aspects under control.

Only equipped with sound knowledge can you make the right decisions. That knowledge will help you manage your infrastructure more efficiently.

Software audit

provides details about currently installed software and its compliance with licences, about unused software, audio files, images and videos stored on company computers. As a result, you will cut down on unnecessary licence fee spending and minimise the risk of legal liability for copyright breach. VOL experts can also help you implement software management policies and regulate liability for non-observance.

Equipment audit

is a service whereby we collect information about the number of computers and peripherals, their configurations, users, warranty and vendors. It will help you conveniently plan for optimum upgrade, minimise the risk of failure and reasonably budget expenses so that to include only what your organisation really needs.

Audits are always finalised with reports containing recommendations for a tailored remedial programme. If you so wish, we can also implement the recommended remedial actions and appropriate licence management policies, and provide training and certification.

IT equipment and software audit - benefits for you company:

  • increased utilisation efficiency for in-house IT infrastructure
  • mitigation of equipment failure risk and improved infrastructure security
  • more reasonable equipment and software budgets, increasing rates of return on IT projects
  • reduced risk of criminal liability for use of illegal software

Network audit

Provides up-to-date information about network infrastructure. The audit report will provide details both about cabling infrastructure and network devices. In addition, the client also receives the list of all devices connected to the network, and the infrastructure occupancy study. An in-depth analysis of device configuration will help identify network weaknesses and spots where unexpected failures may occur, threatening sound operation of the infrastructure. The report contains detailed conclusions and recommendations for the necessary modifications or infrastructure extension.

Security audit

Knowing what goes around the network is one of the most valuable assets of the IT administrator. Our solutions provide full details about the network and its security to administrators and managers, enable risk assessment and estimation of the necessary expenses and infrastructure development directions. Our company will verify all security-related aspects, from internal network access to service access and room access control. The audit also covers the configuration of firewalls, switches and other devices and services (such as AD). We will also determine physical points of access to the network and rooms where devices important for the company's operations are located, and which may become the soft spot giving unauthorised access to information.


Security - effective system and data protection.

Businesses must be sure that their data is secure to the maximum extent possible.

However, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in this respect. Our experts, relying on their expertise and many years' experience, can come up with optimum solutions, matching the individual properties of your company's operations. Appropriate documentation and security policy we will develop and implement at your company will effectively protect IT systems both against external threats and loss of in-house resources through their uncontrolled leakage from the company.

When implementing security policies at the client organisation, we also offer:

  • Employee training on the use of computers and company resources and on company data protection.
  • Consultancy in the selection and installation of DLP (data leak prevention) solutions, to ensure confidential data does not leak outside the company.
  • Configuration of firewalls, with recommendations for optimum solutions that provide comprehensive protection against unauthorised access from the outside.

By analysing your company's needs, type of data stored and expected network traffic, our engineers will select the right devices and configure them. Users will obtain safe VPN access to network resources and internal company infrastructure, and services provided by the client's services will be properly protected against unauthorised access and other attacks, such as DoS/DDoS.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing services enable our clients to maintain business continuity and security of the IT system, whilst reducing the related costs.

  • The IT outsourcing service  service is cheaper than building your in-house IT base and maintaining several IT personnel members. This translates into genuine savings. At the same time, the experience and high competence of VOL team members, continuously improving their knowledge by participating in various trainings, ensures premium level of IT services we provide.
  • In our IT outsourcing proposal, our team continuously controls the network, including its active and passive devices, and manages network extension.
What are the constituents of the IT outsourcing service offered by VOL?
  • continuous network control, including active and passive devices,
  • network extension,
  • server and workstation administration and maintenance (including desktop computers, laptops and all types of printers),
  • maintenance repairs at the client site, remote assistance and telephone help desk,
  • employee training.
Custom-made systems

Custom-made systems

Custom-made software is always developed by engineers with a long professional track record.

VOL has successfully developed and implemented tens of custom-made systems for large corporations, addressing their specific needs. This makes us an undisputed leader in the field and one of Poland's most experienced companies. The VOL team is composed of engineers - graduates of renown universities, who were involved in numerous projects and are authors of proprietary and innovative solutions.

VOL's offering for development and implementation of custom-made software.

  • NACVIEW - - NAC (Network Administration Centre) software used for network device monitoring and configuration, network user access control and IP addressing management (Ipv4 and Ipv6)
  • Mail server software - both open-source (Zimbra) and commercial (MS Exchange).
  • Prexout
  • innaviGO - building information and navigation system.
  • Bitrix24 - Intranet for companies with document flow and work organisation management functions

In the implementation process, we integrate the new software with the existing applications, and train the client's employees who are future users. The scope of integration and training is determined during meetings and consultations with the client.

Project management

Each project is different and requires an individual approach. We deeply understand the importance of effective communication and focus on every detail. Our focus is your project. We are here to make it work best. We can provide comprehensive project support - from start to end. We can also assist you if your ongoing projects are at risk and require immediate outside intervention. You can count on us in every situation.

Our strengths

  1. Long track record
  2. Participation in numerous projects (including international), covering a broad range of issues in many domains/industries, resulting in broad and unique expertise proven by our many years' experience.
  3. Effective in action
  4. We manage projects with international teams developing a multicultural approach


Our offering includes:

  1. Consultancy, participation in project preparation
  2. Representation and support in negotiations with project contractors (determination of commercial and implementation terms)
  3. Definition of the project objective and requirements
  4. Determination of potential project risks and hazards
  5. Development of the work schedule
    1. Splitting the project into milestones
    2. Determination of completion dates for the respective milestones
    3. Planning for individual actions
    4. Development of the project budget
    5. Project team
      1. Project team organisation, including recruitment support
      2. Assignment of roles
      3. Determination of the responsibility matrix
      4. Delegation and control
    6. Development of the project communication plan (internal and external communication)
      1. Development of the communication plan
      2. Proposal for software to support project management and monitoring (including operation and support)
      3. Development of project standards (e.g. documents, reports, deadlines)
      4. Proposals for the application and implementation of best practice
    7. Project implementation management and monitoring
      1. Oversight of timely completion
      2. Work control - project status, reporting (time and cost control - budget, resources, schedule)
      3. Supervision of completed task quality
      4. Budget utilisation
      5. Identification of risks/threats and implementation of preventive actions
      6. Change management
      7. Ensuring seamless communication
      8. Enforcement of contractual terms
      9. Team/project teams coordination
    8. Project accounting
      1. Project documentation
      2. Project report - project summary
    9. Support after project completion

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Project management


Diverse topics Continuously high success rate. Consistently positive evaluation from participants.

Improve your team's IT skills, in particular if you have just implemented new solutions. Empower your team with knowledge and skills needed to fully harness the potential of company ICT infrastructure and make informed business decisions. Depending on specific needs, training may reflect the various aspects of the operated IT systems or infrastructure, or technologies and solutions which are useful or interesting for your team.

Regardless of what type of training you are looking for, with us it will be interesting, practical, and achieve the stated objectives. Training organised by VOL is conducted by experts in the particular fields, helping all participants find answers to their questions.

Topics of training organised by VOL include e.g.:

  • Computer network basics
  • Network protocols and services
  • Active network device administration - basic and advanced level

Training for professionals

  • Extreme Networks, HP ProCurve, Cisco, Fortinet
  • Computer systems: Linux/UNIX, Windows Server
  • VMware and Hyper-V virtualisation
  • Data storage and backup systems