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We design and implement reliable and efficient computer networks. Smooth communication is what makes us contractors of choice for our clients. The real value in leveraging IT by businesses and organisations is the power to communicate efficiently and exchange data between various systems and locations. The communication links must be fast, stable and reliable, and that is why knowledge and experience are crucial in this area. Our expertise includes:

Audit of existing IT infrastructure

Audit of existing IT infrastructure

We provide findings from the audit of the existing environment in the audit report, describing the existing infrastructure, as well as proposals and recommended changes. We provide justification for each proposal. After consultations with the client, we draft the list of changes required for implementation. Then, we prepare a plan for new infrastructure and implement it, ensuring optimum utilisation of resources. We also ensure that the entire process is seamless for the organisation and the client.

IT project focused on the objectives

A secure and reliable computer network greatly improves communication and information flow. To gain insight into the needs and potential of our clients, we meet and conduct site visits. The next step is to recommend a strategy and prepare the network plan. The client receives a consistent plan to be used as the blueprint for the installation of all systems.

We select optimum devices to ensure security and redundancy, and thus reliability of the proposed solutions. Another aspect we keep in focus at the planning stage is that active equipment and applications are duly protected against unauthorised access or attacks, and operate uninterruptedly during emergencies.

IT project focused on the objectives
Implementation to the agreed assumptions

Implementation to the agreed assumptions

We install the physical layer according to plans and in compliance with the applicable standards. This ensures that project owners are confident that all installed components perform their roles. We are also contractors for electric and low-voltage wiring installation, as well as for optical fibre networks. We install ICT cabinets with equipment (patch panels, power strips), as well as electrical and network sockets.

Relying on detailed arrangements on functional properties and all specific requirements, we prepare an order and timely supply the equipment to the requested location. Our qualified engineers install the equipment at the required locations and perform full configuration based on pre-agreed parameters.

Computer network administrator and user training

Empower your team with knowledge and skills needed to fully harness the potential of company ICT infrastructure and make informed business decisions. We will design a training cycle that best fits your corporate needs, delivering training as lectures or workshops. This is why we always achieve the effects you expect.

Training topics:

computer network basics – most general computer network terms and considerations, basic structural cabling design, IP addressing and OSI/ISO model. Workshops on simple network device and computer configuration.

Network protocols and services – discussion of the most popular network protocols, such as IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, FTP, NetDDE, SNMP, SMTP, CSMA/CD, DNS, DHCP, AARP, ARP, http, ICMP. Example applications and configurations. Getting familiar with diagnostic tools (arp-a, tracert, nslookup, etc.). Device and server configuration workshops.

Network device administration – basic and advanced level. Active device configuration:

  • Basic: administrator accounts, NTP, SNMP, creating VLANs, IP address configuration,
  • Advanced: routing configuration (static + dynamic OSPG), ALCs and traffic filtering, network logon service configuration, Radius. Training for professionals: Extreme Networks, HP ProCurve, Cisco, Fortinet

Network device advanced configuration – commands specific to the respective manufacturers.

Linux/Unix computer systems, Windows Server computer systems - coverage of Linux and Microsoft Windows family operating systems. Basic administrator tasks, service configuration, installation of additional packages and services, advanced DNS, DHCP, WWW network service configuration.


IT servicing and support during the life cycle.

IT infrastructure maintenance has never been easier. By contracting maintenance from our experts you make sure that each problem with ICT infrastructure will be quickly and efficiently identified and eliminated. We will quickly and smoothly identify and solve any ICT infrastructure problem. When you report a failure, we specify what category it falls into and, where possible, solve the problem remotely. In other cases, we will send the appropriate expert to your location. We supply substitute devices for the duration of maintenance, so that you don't lose money due to downtimes. In terms of ongoing administration, we support the required changes and configurations. Our offering also includes remote computer network and workstation monitoring. In effect, we can detect and eliminate problems before they are identified as emergencies.

Choose the type of assistance that best suits your needs - from technical support on-site for a fixed, contractual term, to guaranteed time for fault repair and root cause elimination. We will do everything the way you need it.