Servers and arrays

Focus on your business and we will make your IT systems efficient and secure. We can also handle support, servicing and maintenance of your infrastructure, because this is our business. Here is what we do best and what we can do for you:

Audit of existing infrastructure

We thoroughly analyse the existing environment in terms of servers and arrays, and use that input as the basis for the report describing the results, conclusions and recommendations for future investment. In a meeting with the client, we discuss their needs and recommend optimum solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Audit of existing infrastructure
IT project focused on the objectives

IT project focused on the objectives

Your servers and arrays are secure in our professional hands. Our clients trust us because we have never compromised that trust. We use all our knowledge and experience gathered over many years of implementing hundreds of projects to design new or improve existing solutions.

Virtualisation will offer tangible savings to your company, combined with uninterrupted operation of IT systems and improved data availability. We implement comprehensive and secure solutions required to launch a reliable virtual environment, ensuring optimum performance for your company.

We migrate physical machines to the virtual environment by moving physical machine systems to new virtualisation servers, or change the static environment (where one server is one service) into the virtual environment (where one server is many services and systems), even without replacing physical servers. Services and systems migrated to virtual machines are re-launched within seconds or, without any interruption in service provision, moved to another physical machine.

We provide professional consultancy on virtualisation software selection, indicating best solutions for a particular case.

Implementation to the agreed assumptions

Each minute of no access translates into real losses. Our experts, relying on their long experience of designing and building mass storage systems, have developed effective tools and a proven work methodology for such networks. As a result, our solutions ensure uninterrupted and quick access to information, and enable us to take the right decisions on the basis of detailed and up-to-date information. They improve data security and facilitate data storage, while at the same time control the budgeted costs.

Our offering for information storage and backup includes:

  • Professional consultancy on the selection of solutions for data storage, backup copy and data archiving on the basis of the expected and required efficiency and volume parameters and economic feasibility.
  • Supply and configuration of equipment and software for secure data archiving - our engineers install and configure the equipment supplied in accordance with agreed parameters. Where necessary, they also integrate new equipment with the existing infrastructure, configure hardware mechanisms for the supplied equipment, as well as install and configure software to back up all critical data.
  • • Integration of new devices with the existing infrastructure - from cable running through to virtual environment configuration (connection of resources, configuration of virtual machines) and connection of new racks to the existing controllers, as well as data migration from less to more efficient devices. Our job is to make sure everything runs as expected
Implementation to the agreed assumptions

Administrator and user training

We train your staff so that they can seamless use the entire potential of new technologies, aligned with your company's needs. Training is conveniently structured as workshops or lectures, at the preferred venue and time.

Training topics:

  • VMware and Hyper-V virtualisation – introduction to virtualisation. Discussion of VMware and Hyper-V software, including similarities and differences. Basic configuration: installation, creation of virtual machines, allocation of resources.
  • Data storage and backup systems.

Servicing, maintenance and technical support during service life

Contract maintenance and technical support from us and you will do away with or reduce to minimum unplanned downtimes caused by technical problems. We will quickly identify the problem and replace or repair faulty devices. We offer flexible forms of cooperation: from contracted work time at the client site to repair and defect rectification guarantee specified in hours. All this to help you stay focused on your business