Securing network access

Securing network access

The Network Access Control system is the central point of network and corporate infrastructure security. Its key role is (often multi-factor) network access authorisation. At the same time, this system provides access only to those segments and areas in the network that are necessary for a given user or device.

With NAC, we can efficiently and safely manage BYOD, all types of guest access, as well as wired and wireless connections. Network Access Control ensures full visibility of devices in the network and leaves no doubt as to who has access to what.

The above functionalities are, of course, only the basics for these systems, but with us you can get much more. Thanks to integration with other systems responsible for security, we can achieve unprecedented functionality and quick response to incidents. The exchange of information between solutions such as IPS/IDS, NGW, network monitoring systems, and NAC allows you to take full advantage of the entire complex architecture.

We provide an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure configuration security prior to implementing a NAC system. We integrate the system with existing solutions to maximise implementation effects. We’ll prepare full documentation and provide support at every stage of system operation. We can also take care of comprehensive security management in your organisation.

We work with NACVIEW, Extreme Networks, Aruba.