IT for education

Since our start as a business we have been providing premium quality solutions for educational institutions across Poland. Are you interested in extending your network infrastructure? Looking for efficient computer hardware or software that matches your needs? Competitive pricing and comprehensive support is what makes us different from competitors. Use the support of our experts and take decisions helping you achieve your objectives.

Poznań University of Technology

Multi-stage extension of network infrastructure for the Poznań University of Technology.

The Poznań University of Technology (PUT) is one of Poland's leading academic centres, educating 20,000 students in 25 degree schemes. It provides students with the opportunity to explore scientific research and access cutting-edge technologies.

Network environment extension

Thanks to our professional proposals and competitive prices, we have participated in numerous network environment extension projects, both for new-build facilities and retrofit.

Key projects VOL was involved in include:

  • Supply of backbone equipment for the PUT's network
  • Supply of equipment for new buildings: Lecture Centre; Library; Mechatronics, Biomechanics and Nano-Engineering Centre, Chemical Technology Faculty
  • Replacement of network devices at dormitories
  • Supply and extension of the wireless network
  • Supply and installation of 3CX software centre
  • Design and configuration of ICT network for the CCTV system
Poznań University of Technology
Poznan University of Economics and Business

Poznan University of Economics and Business

Our project for the Poznan University of Economics and Business involved the purchase of powerful and energy-efficient computers, as well as consultancy on how to minimise the related cost.

""The Vector On-line's proposal helped us meet the budget"."

"We knew we wanted to buy computers that improve the quality of education at our university, are energy-efficient and powerful. We only didn't know how to squeeze it all into our budget. The offering and professional consultancy by Vector On-line helped us do exactly what we planned". University of Economics and Business

Valuable investment and high cost

Modern and fast computers are indispensable learning aids for students. It is difficult to learn the complexities of computer software or prepare for exams without them.

On the other hand, many hours of computer duty involves significant energy consumption, and a high number of the computers requires a large educational floor space and high costs.

The way to optimise purchase and operation costs of new computers.

Vector On-line found a way to reduce the purchase cost of computers, while ensuring their high performance, energy efficiency and compact design. Experienced account managers from Vector On-line offered as a broad selection of quality Fujitsu-Siemens computers, which use little energy, are reliable, silent and efficient. At the same time, considering a relatively high order value, the University was offered a financially attractive package, with favourable prices and payment dates.

Realised savings

Vector On-line's proposal for the purchase of computer stations that greatly improved the quality of education at the University of Economics and Business enabled:

  • savings on the purchase of computers compared to competitive bids
  • reduction in electricity consumption
  • smaller computer room space requirement
  • improved reliability of computers.

Services used by the University of Economics and Business:

  • Computers, terminals and notebooks, including ancillary services