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The Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre (Zakład Opiekuńczo-Leczniczy) in Poznań implements modern IT solutions to improve everyday work and support services for patients.

The Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre is a modern health care facility located in Poznan, with an active contract with the nationwide Health Fund (NFZ) financing medical procedures. The centre operates the following units:

  • rehabilitation,
  • care and treatment,
  • psychiatric and geriatric day care unit,
  • psychiatric care and treatment unit,
  • rehabilitation day care.

When the Centre decided to award a contract for IT infrastructure upgrade, the challenge was really enormous. The client's priorities were reliability, efficiency and patient care.

High efficiency and reliability

The implementation involved a thorough upgrade of the centre's IT infrastructure. High-standard server rooms were organised, along with network printers and devices, including wireless. An extremely efficient internal mail server and premium-standard WiFi network were launched. All units were equipped with computers, and older workstations replaced with newer ones. Doctors received tablets to help them stay up to date on their patients' health history during their daily walk-around inspections.

Improvements for patients and visitors

As part of the implementation, infokiosks were installed at the hospital, extremely useful for patients and visitors. They provide important hospital information, including locations of the respective units.

Modern telecare services

The telecare service launched by the hospital makes it possible to organise doctor-patient teleconference, which significantly improves the treatment process, is convenient and enables more reasonable use of time.

The Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre (Zakład Opiekuńczo-Leczniczy) in Poznań
Hospital in Połczyn-Zdrój

IT implementation at the hospital in Połczyn Zdrój, providing enhanced data security and shorter waiting time for medical data.

The Szpital Polski hospital in Połczyn-Zdrój provides health care services such as hospital and specialised outpatient treatment, outpatient diagnostics, first aid and transport.

The hospital received an EU grant as a participant in the project "Tele-health care in the Pomerania Euroregion - Pomerania Network". When the contract award procedure was launched, the requirement was to establish new, high-tech IT infrastructure. Its purpose was to facilitate work of the hospital's personnel, as well as to improve the quality of data collection and access.

Security and efficiency

The implementation involved an upgrade of the hospital's IT infrastructure. New equipment was supplied, such as servers, arrays, computers and printers. Network devices with software were implemented, improving network security. The effect was modern infrastructure enabling shorter waiting times for medical data, such as X-ray images, or laboratory test results. The volume of electronic data was at the same time minimised, while its security increased. Importantly, this markedly improved the security of electronic data. The implementation was carried out in collaboration with Alteris S.A. in May and June 2012.

Smooth implementation

The implementation did not require the hospital's personnel to change their professional routines. The contractor addressed that client's requirement by launching new infrastructure in the existing system in the afternoons and on weekends.

Professional training

After the implementation, it was necessary to conduct training on the administration and support of the supplied equipment and software for virtualisation. The training was professionally and comprehensively conducted by VOL personnel.

Development of computer network at 107th Military Hospital in Wałcz.

The Military Hospital with Outpatient Clinic in Wałcz is a facility with a mission, providing health care services through its 11 hospital units, specialised outpatient treatment in 19 health care domains, dental care services, primary health care and hospital treatment.

The project, awarded in a unlimited tender, envisaged the establishment of a new server room and supply of network devices.

Professional implementation

Burglar-proof doors with access control were installed at the project preparation stage, A/C system, and the room was comprehensively prepared for rack installation.

Civil works proceeded alongside 5e structural cabling and optical fibre installation. The new cabling was used to connect the supplied computers, printers and network nodes located at various points of the hospital.

Following the completion of civil works, racks and Extreme Network backbone switches and patch panels were installed. Servers and other hospital network nodes (over optical fibre cables) were connected to the above devices. VLANs were also configured.

Extreme Networks Ridgeline (currently NetSight) applications were implemented to manage the entire infrastructure. The software enables monitoring of the entire environment and quick device reconfiguration where necessary.

Military Hospital in Wałcz.